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Pipe rehabilitation is common practice for ageing pipelines.

We have replaced over 1,500 kilometres of water mains for Scottish Water and their associated partners, with varied methods.


Underground water distribution systems have been ageing and deteriorating since their original installation, with many reaching the end of their service life. Pipe rehabilitation is common practice for ageing pipelines or those that have carried large volumes of liquid continuously and over a long period of time. We are skilled and accredited in techniques such as pipe bursting, slip lining and open cut and all associated works involving mains renewal and replacement.


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Slip Lining

Slip Lining is completed by installing a smaller pipe (carrier pipe) into a larger pipe (host pipe). Then, the annular space between the two pipes is grouted and the ends are sealed.


Pipe Bursting

Pipe Busting uses systems that break the existing pipe structure and expand the size of the void created to enable the replacement pipe to be inserted into it.


Open Cut

Open Cut is a method of pipeline installation that requires opening up the surface of the ground to the required depth to expose the pipeline.

We provide a full spectrum service for water infrastructure. Our team is committed to assisting you in finding the most straightforward and economical approach to establish new water supplies for your development.





From the initial point of contact our expert team will guide you through the requirements to provide an accurate, no obligation quotation for your new water project.



On receipt of your site drawings, Total Pipeline Technology will provide a free competitive quotation for your project, where required TPT can provide a cost for the design and installation.



Our experienced delivery team will then deliver your water requirements, managing your project through to completion, keeping you updated throughout.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us whether it’s just for friendly advice, a free quotation or any other queries you may have.

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