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Rehabilitation Works

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Replacement & Renewal

Total Pipeline Technology have successfully carried out schemes throughout Scotland that have varied from Pipe busting, Slip lining, Directional Drilling, Open Cut and all associated works relative to these methods of pipe replacement and renewal.


We have installed or replaced over 1,000 kilometres of water mains for Scottish Water

and or its associated partners since our outset.

Schemes completed included large and small diameter pipelines, large and small diameter diversions, metering and pressure management installations, service renewals, meter installations and chambers.

Safe & Cost-effective

Our highly accredited and experienced teams and staff are vastly experienced and dedicated to deliver a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly, quality service to all our clients.

We are skilled in techniques such as pipe bursting, slip lining and open cut and all associated works involving mains renewal and replacement.

We currently employ 3 six-man mains replacement squads, Three, three- man open cut and connection squads and eight, two-man squads on water at present. These are serviced by experienced and fully accredited Reinstatement Teams, Grab Drivers and Pick up Drivers.

led pipe replacement scotland
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