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At the forefront of testing and chlorinating water mains on Scottish Water networks.

When installing new water infrastructure, you may have obligations to carry out pressure and chlorination testing. This ensures that its safe to connect any new pipes to the public water mains.


Chlorination is required to disinfect new water pipes before they’re connected to the public mains. It is also used when existing pipes have been left open ended or have become contaminated.

New water mains must be pressure tested before connecting to public water mains. This is to ensure they’re able to cope with increases in pressure without leaking, guaranteeing the integrity and efficiency of the water network.  





From the initial point of contact our expert team will guide you through the requirements to provide an accurate, no obligation quotation for your new water project.



On receipt of your site drawings, Total Pipeline Technology will provide a free competitive quotation for your project, where required TPT can provide a cost for the design and installation.



Our experienced delivery team will then deliver your water requirements, managing your project through to completion, keeping you updated throughout.

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Our chlorination and pressure testing teams are fully accredited with WIRS and NCO level 2 qualifications. They are fully supported by a WIRS-accredited supervisor with an NCO level 3 qualification.

Our teams use the best available GPS data loggers, with our testers taking geo-tagged photographs. This allows the test to be checked and witnessed remotely by Scottish Water if they do not manage to visit the site and witness the test in person. 

Our team can chlorinate, and pressure test any new water main installations such as Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, PE Pipe, PE Barrier Pipe and PVC from 63mm up to 1000mm, we can also offer chlorination only, test-only or even if you just require a bacteriological sample to send away from analysis at UCAS accredited SW lab.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us whether it’s just for friendly advice, a free quotation or any other queries you may have.

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