Total Pipeline Technology specialise in Developer Mains Diversions and network reinforcements, we have fully WIRS accredited teams and fully WIRS accredited managers with vast knowledge and experience.

Should you wish to acquire our services, we can provide site investigation, design and full project management from planning right through to completion and handover of the project taking the headache away from our clients. Alternatively, we take your approved design and professionally construct this on your behalf. We are available at any period of your project to assist you in any way you require. We have successfully delivered several projects of this nature on various sized mains.

Many parts of the networks and truck mains are very sensitive and protected. With our experience in this sector we understand in some cases, that a water shut off is not an option due to high demand and the absolute reliance of a continuous supply of critical users and business customers.

We discuss this along with tie-in methods at Scottish Waters Network Control and along with the Network Analysists. An agreement is made on what method will be adopted. Where conventional cut outs can not be performed we use specialist under pressure techniques such as line stops and under pressure tees. This results in Scottish Waters customers not experiencing a disruption to their supply for any period of time.

We use our extensive technical knowledge and select the best cost-effective fittings available on the market and in most cases, we use fully self-anchoring couplings and flange adaptors which removes the risk of slippage or any failing on the network in the future.

We have carried out extensive network reinforcements to facilitate new development demands which allows developers to construct and supply future homeowners the quality drinking water they require.

We have built up a reputation for delivering projects to schedule, within budget and we fully guarantee an outstanding professional service with the highest dedication to quality and safety being our essential policy throughout the full process.

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