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We specialise in lead pipe replacements which involves the renewing of your water supply pipe from the control point to the stop cock within your property.

The advantage of renewing your existing lead water pipe with MDPE pipe is beneficial in several ways. The main benefits being the removal of harmful lead deposits, the high increase in water pressure and the removal of the risk of costly and highly disruptive leaking pipes.

Extremely high lead content has been identified to be potentially harmful to young children and pregnant women.Therefore if you are aware that the  water to your property may be presently supplied by lead pipes, then we can arrange a free full site visit and quote and discuss the various methods we can use depending on your property layout

We have trenchless installation techniques that may be viable to your situation and therefore reduce cost and disruption. We also arrange a visit by Scottish Water to ensure work has been carried out to water bylaws specification thus giving total customer assurance and satisfaction.

There is also a local authority grant available for lead pipe replacement. For more information, speak with one of our specialists today on 0141 428 3908/

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