Trenchless Technology is recognized as being one of the most efficient methods of installation. It's cost effective and environmentally friendly, causing little disruption.

We have the accreditations, experience and technology to employ such methods, where necessary ground conditions and the need for such is required. The technology allows us to safely and effectively install pipes underground without digging up the entire length of the project

We can use moles on pipe size diameters from 15mm to 63mm. Directional drilling for any size above 32mm and pipe busting from 63mm to any size main.

The cost savings can be immense where trenchless technology is used as it saves time, labour, plant and reinstatements. The disruption factor is also greatly reduced.

This technology can be used either completely or partially in several scenarios if conditions allow. Unfortunately, trenchless technology can’t always be used as ground conditions like rock or loose back fill will prevent the use of such. Also, the presence of several other utilities in the chosen path may render it redundant.

However, we will always carefully examine every project to determine where trenchless technology can be used to aid our customers.

Should you have an upcoming project and you require and other information on any of this technology please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice, a site visit or a quote.

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